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About Select Door Service Suwanee, Ga

Suwanee, Georgia, has flourishing economic growth and opportunity. It is located in the vibrant Gwinnett County and is integral to Atlanta’s bustling metropolitan area. Suwanee boasts a diverse economy powered by various industries that fuel its success. Technology thrives here, with various innovative companies specializing in software development, IT services, telecommunications, and electronics manufacturing.

These technological powerhouses not only create jobs but also drive groundbreaking advancements. In addition, the manufacturing sector is bustling, producing everything from automotive parts to consumer goods, fostering employment opportunities. Suwanee is where economic prosperity meets a high quality of life, and commercial door installation plays a pivotal role.

In this bustling city with flourishing manufacturing and warehousing industries, overhead garage door [installation and/or repair] has become essential for businesses seeking secure and efficient access. Whether managing a warehouse or an industrial facility, having a durable and reliable overhead garage door is paramount.

Select Door Service in Suwanee, Georgia, are committed to excellence. We provide top-notch garage door installation and repair services tailored to your needs. Backed by extensive industry experience, we understand these doors’ crucial role in ensuring the smooth flow of operations and safeguarding valuable equipment and vehicles. Trust in our expertise and give us a call today, and let Select Door Service become your go-to partner for all your commercial garage door [installation and/or repair] needs.

Select Door Service Commercial Garage Door Installation


People use garage doors for convenient access and security. Select Door Service in Suwanee commits to keeping your home and business safe. We offer different garage door products. Choose from a vast selection of doors, from commercial to automatic residential doors, and find something that fits your needs. We also provide custom doors made to your exact specifications. Here are some of our product offerings.

Commercial Overhead Doors in Suwanee

These are the heaviest garage doors used in commercial and industrial settings. You will find them in warehouses or distribution centers that involve regular large vehicle access. These garage doors are made of sturdy materials like aluminum or steel. And they are available in different styles and configurations.

Commercial overhead doors have safety features like sensors that detect obstacles and stop the door from closing. In case of power failure, there are extra security features like audible alarms and emergency release mechanisms. Most commercial overhead doors from Select Door Service Suwanee work via a motorized opener. They can fit several openings, from small service entrances to large loading docks.

Rolling Steel Doors in Suwanee

Depending on the size and weight, this heavy-duty door is used in industrial settings and is operated manually or by a motorized opener. If the garage door is electrically operated, it’s powered by a motor that drives a chain to lift and lower the door. So, it is similar to the commercial overhead door and only differs in construction.

The door is an overhead type with interlocking steel slats that roll up and down on a track system. Slats on these doors come in different thicknesses and connect to the door via hinges. The doors are popular because of their space-saving design. They only need a small amount of overhead space and won’t swing out like traditional doors. The rolling steel garage doors from Select Door Service in Suwanee are durable and secure and will protect property.

High-Speed Doors in Suwanee

High-speed garage doors open and close faster than traditional doors. They use advanced technology like high-speed motors to operate. Hence, they work in industry settings requiring quick access for efficient operations, such as warehouses and loading docks. For example, the high-speed garage door can open and close within one or two seconds. This makes it possible to move goods and personnel quickly.

 The high-speed garage doors from Select Door Service in Suwanee can withstand frequent use and harsh conditions. This is thanks to the durable materials used in their construction. They also have safety features like sensors and emergency stop buttons to reduce the risk of accidents. These doors provide improved insulation and energy efficiency inside the building.

Specialty Products in Suwanee

Select Door Services offer several specialty products for specific purposes. They come in different styles, materials, and configurations. The specialty products include insulated garage doors and wind-resistant, fire-rated, high-speed, and customized garage doors.

The products are tailored to meet specific design requirements. For example, they target high-traffic areas, strong winds and hurricane conditions, and fire. The garage doors also reduce heat loss, especially in colder climates, and can match the aesthetics of any property. These products are designed from sturdy materials like glass, aluminum, and steel.

Loading Dock Equipment in Suwanee

These systems and devices help load or unload tools from trucks and trailers. They increase the efficiency, productivity, and safety of commercial facilities and streamline the movement of goods between trucks and buildings. Our Select Door Service technicians will place the devices at the rear or side of a building where trailers park next to the dock.

Some loading dock equipment includes levelers, seals and shelters, bumpers, and train restraints. For example, a trailer restraint will secure the trailer to the dock and hold it when loading or unloading equipment. A bumper absorbs impact from the trucks to prevent damage to the building. Meanwhile, the levelers create a smooth transition for forklifts to move on.

Accessories/Openers in Suwanee

The accessories, or openers, make it convenient to operate garage doors. They automate and improve the functionality of garage doors by ensuring that the doors open and close efficiently. Select Door Service Suwanee has several garage door accessories and openers. They include:

  • Safety sensors
  • Battery backups
  • Keypads
  • Wall-mounted switches
  • Remote controls
  • Garage door openers

Other accessories can include Wi-Fi connectivity to control the garage door opener from your Smartphone or voice command. The technicians will install these accessories as part of your garage door system.

Automatic Doors in Suwanee

As the name suggests, the automatic garage doors open and close using an electric motor and remote control panel. A motorized system of these doors comprises a motor, springs, and a chain or belt that drives the door. When activated by remote control, the motor rotates a shaft that runs the pulleys, leading to the closure or opening of the door. The automatic garage doors from Select Door Service Suwanee come in various designs and materials.

Automatic doors are the most secure and provide convenient access to public buildings like airports, offices, and hospitals. These doors will open and close when a sensor or control system prompts. The sensor detects obstacles in the door’s path and stops the door from closing. But they also come with a manual release mechanism in case of a power outage or another emergency.

Hollow Metal Doors in Suwanee

These doors are made of metal sheets formed into panels with a hollow space between them. The main advantage of these doors is their durability and fire resistance. Hence, they are an ideal choice for warehouses and storage facilities. Their hollow design makes them more energy-efficient and lighter.

This design makes them easier to operate than solid metal doors of the same size. The hollow metal garage doors from Select Door Service Suwanee fit into several openings. They also come with customized features like security measures and automation systems. You can fill the hollow space with insulation material for greater thermal efficiency and sound dampening.

Residential Garage Doors in Suwanee

These residential garage doors are available in various styles and materials to provide secure access. They are also smaller and lighter than commercial overhead doors. These doors fit any standard garage opening at home. You Can use the doors in residential settings, operated by a wall-mounted switch on the remote control. They can also be insulated to reduce heat loss or gain if your living space is above or next to the garage.

The residential garage doors from Select Door Service Suwanee come in different styles. You will find raised panels, carriage houses, or contemporary styles. They also contain decorative features like windows and panel designs to enhance the appearance of your home. You can find customized doors with different colors, window designs, and hardware.

Commercial garage door repair

Repair Services

Routine repair and maintenance of garage doors in Suwanee are essential to extend their lifespan and prevent potential risks. Work with a technician to do the repair and maintenance services. If the garage door poses safety risks and doesn’t function properly, hire expert help from Select Door Services in Suwanee. They will inspect the door and recommend a solution. Here are some repair services on offer.

Commercial Garage Door Repair in Suwanee

Because of their continuous heavy use, commercial garage doors are more complex than residential ones and prone to wear and tear. You need an expert who can provide specialized repair services. Select Door Services in Suwanee offers professional repair and maintenance solutions for commercial garage doors. We have trained and licensed technicians with the expertise to diagnose and repair doors.

Our technicians will repair and replace broken springs, cables, tracks, hinges, and rollers. They will also inspect the door’s damaged panels or sections for repairs. On top of that, the technician will lubricate and adjust the door to ensure smooth operation. They can also install new doors, openers, and security systems on the commercial garage doors.

Residential Service Calls in Suwanee

residential service call involves a technician visiting your home after your request. They will repair a broken system or install a new service related to the garage door system. Request for residential service calls in Suwanee for malfunctioning components or routine maintenance. For example, a malfunctioned garage door system that doesn’t open or close properly needs a residential service call.

Our technician will inspect the garage door system. They will then recommend a course of action involving repairing or replacing some components, estimate the repair cost, and schedule a time to complete the repairs.

24-Hour Service Repair in Suwanee

Select Door Services in Suwanee offers 24-hour garage door repairs. You get the repair services anytime, including holidays and weekends. We have professional garage door specialists who will offer immediate help in an emergency, such as broken springs, malfunctioning openers, or doors that don’t close.

If your garage door malfunctions at night, contact us, and our technicians will get to your location as soon as possible. They will inspect the issue and offer solutions within a short time. With 24-hour services, you won’t have to wait until regular business hours to fix your broken garage door. Sometimes waiting can be inconvenient and dangerous.

Why Us

Select Door Service is ideal for reliable, high-quality garage door installation and repair services. We have extensive industry experience providing garage door services. For over 18 years, we have been offering installation and repair services in Suwanee. Hence, we have the knowledge and expertise to tackle all repair and maintenance issues.

Select Door Services is a family-oriented business that understands the importance of family. We understand the need to feel safe and secure at home and work. Thus, we offer several services to ensure your garage door is in top working condition to protect your property and loved ones from intruders and harsh weather conditions.

We also understand the importance of time to our clients and ensure we do the job right the first time of asking. We offer affordable pricing on our products and services. Our technicians understand the importance of availability, so our 24-hour services guarantee you will get help whenever needed.

Contact us today if you need a reliable garage door installation and repair company. We will ensure your garage door is in top working condition.